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The pre-primary is a two year phase for children aged 4 to 5 years. In the year they turn 4 our children join the Grade 000 groups. They then progress to our Grade 00 classes.

In the Pre-Prep classes, the children enjoy learning through play. We encourage them to make choices about their learning and we like to follow their interests as they develop. We appreciate that every child is individual and therefore offer considerable flexibility within our classes. With our small classes and our highly effective teaching ratios, all children are able to complete activities in small groups and have high levels of support from staff.

Pre-Prep boys and girls are exposed to a broad curriculum ensuring that they have all the necessary skills to build upon at a later stage. We follow both The South African National Curriculum Framework and The Early Childhood Development Curriculum in our Pre-Prep classes.

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All Pre-prep children enjoy Music and Sports lessons with subject specialist teachers. A wide variety of optional after school activities such as Drama, Karate, Gymnastics and Dancing take place throughout the year. The Fantasy, Fringe and Creative areas allow the children to experience guided learning.

All our Pre-Prep children spend part of their day with lessons in our park-like grounds, an area where staff and children can explore the curriculum in a safe and stimulating outdoor environment. This often also serves to support their topic work. The famous bridge, jungle gym, sandpit and bicycle track provide a variety of choices for these children.

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